Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling Universe: Unleashing Your Inner Hunter

Solo Leveling follows Sung Jin-Woo, a low-ranking hunter who becomes tremendously powerful after being reawakened. Armed with newfound abilities, he delves into dangerous dungeons to level up and protect humanity from deadly monsters. But his true destiny holds secrets that could change everything. #SoloLeveling

Solo Leveling Trivia

What is the name of the main character in Solo Leveling? (Medium)
#1: Jinwoo Lee
#2: Sung Jin-Woo
#3: Haemin Park
#4: Minwoo Kim
What rank does Sung Jin-Woo initially start as in Solo Leveling? (Medium)
#1: S-Rank
#2: A-Rank
#3: E-Rank
#4: C-Rank

Solo Leveling Images

Illustration of a determined male character from Solo Leveling with a gun, standing on a beach with futuristic buildings in the background. Illustration of a man standing in a futuristic cityscape with floating buildings and a vivid sky, capturing the essence of Solo Leveling's adventurous theme. Illustration of a young male character from Solo Leveling standing confidently against a vibrant sky backdrop, highlighting themes of adventure and fantasy. Silhouette of a lone warrior from Solo Leveling anime standing before a stunning sunset with vivid red and blue skies, reflecting on serene waters amidst a mountainous landscape.

Solo Leveling Fun Facts

The author of the Solo Leveling web novel, Chugong, originally intended for it to be a short story, but the popularity caused it to extend into a full series.
In Solo Leveling, the main character Jin-Woo's name literally translates to 'Reaching the Sky'. This subtly foreshadows his journey to becoming the most powerful hunter.

Solo Leveling Polls

Who is your favorite character in Solo Leveling?
Sung Jin-Woo
Cha Hae-In
Yoo Jin-Ho
Go Gun-Hee
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Which guild in Solo Leveling is the most powerful?
Ahjin Guild
Hunters Guild
Fiend Guild
White Tiger Guild
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