Mob Psycho 100

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Psychic powerhouse Mob navigates adolescence, crushes of the heart, and supernatural high stakes, all while staying true to his humble roots and quirky con-artist mentor. Every encounter pushes his emotional and psychic limits, revealing explosive growth.

Mob Psycho 100 Trivia

What is the name of the main character in Mob Psycho 100? (Easy)
#1: Reigen
#2: Dimple
#3: Ritsu
#4: Mob
Who is the leader of Claw in Mob Psycho 100? (Expert)
#1: Shimazaki
#2: Again
#3: Takeuchi
#4: Touichirou Suzuki
0/0 Correct

Mob Psycho 100 Fun Facts

The creator of Mob Psycho 100, ONE, is also the creator of One Punch Man.
Mob Psycho 100's opening theme, 99, is performed by the band MOB CHOIR and includes lyrics that count from 1 to 99 in the song.

Mob Psycho 100 Polls

Who is your favorite character in Mob Psycho 100?
Shigeo Kageyama
Reigen Arataka
Teruki Hanazawa
Ritsu Kageyama
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Which Mob Psycho 100 arc is your favorite?
Season 1: Body Improvement Club Arc
Season 2: Keiji Mogami Arc
Season 3: Divine Tree Arc
Season 3: Telepathy Club Arc
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