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Revved Up Fandom: Embrace the Adrenaline of Redline

Redline is like a nitro-fueled trip through anime wonderland, where speed, style, and wildest dreams collide. It's pure visual ecstasy, blending jaw-dropping animation with an adrenaline rush that makes you feel every twist and turn on the track.

Redline Trivia

Who directed the animated film "Redline"? (Medium)
#1: Michael Arias
#2: Satoshi Kon
#3: Takeshi Koike
#4: Hayao Miyazaki
What year was the animated film "Redline" released? (Genius)
#1: 2007
#2: 2009
#3: 2010
#4: 2012
0/0 Correct

Redline Fun Facts

Redline was animated using a process where each frame was hand-drawn, totaling around 100,000 individual drawings.
The production of Redline took seven years to complete.

Redline Polls

What is your favorite event at Redline Time Attack
Wheel-to-Wheel Racing
Time Attack
Drift Sessions
Car Show
Show Results
What is the best part of Redline events
The racing
The community
The cars
The track locations
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Popular Characters

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