Kill La Kill

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Unite, Transform, Triumph: The Ultimate Kill la Kill Fandom Hub

In a whirlwind of scissors and sewing, Ryuko and Satsuki's clash reveals a tapestry of secrets, tangled in threads of Life Fibers, stitched with rebellion, and patterned with explosive showdowns. The sartorial saga sees uniforms wielding power and allies in fabric.

Kill La Kill Trivia

Who is the main protagonist in the anime Kill la Kill? (Medium)
#1: Satsuki Kiryuin
#2: Nui Harime
#3: Ryuko Matoi
#4: Mako Mankanshoku
What's the name of the school Ryuko Matoi transfers to in Kill la Kill? (Advanced)
#1: Honnoji Academy
#2: Umesato Junior High
#3: Kisaragi Academy
#4: Shujin Academy
0/0 Correct

Kill La Kill Fun Facts

The uniforms in Kill la Kill are called Goku Uniforms, a pun referencing Gokuseifuku, which means high school uniform in Japanese.
Kill la Kill's characters were designed by Sushio, who also worked on Gurren Lagann.

Kill La Kill Polls

Best Kill la Kill Character
Ryuko Matoi
Satsuki Kiryuin
Mako Mankanshoku
Nui Harime
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Favorite Outfit Transformation
Kamui Nui
Three-Star Goku Uniform
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