Hollow Knight


Embrace the Void: Your Ultimate Hollow Knight Fan Paradise

Descend into the haunting depths of Hallownest as the mysterious Hollow Knight. Uncover secrets, battle foes, and overcome challenges in this beautifully crafted metroidvania adventure.

Hollow Knight Trivia

Which boss in Hollow Knight is optional and resides in the Royal Waterways, known for its erratic movement and devastating attacks? (Expert)
#1: Dung Defender
#2: The Collector
#3: Flukemarm
#4: Gruz Mother
In Hollow Knight, what is the name of the area that serves as the game's main hub, connecting to many other areas? (Genius)
#1: Dirtmouth
#2: Crystal Peak
#3: Greenpath
#4: City of Tears

Hollow Knight Images

Hollow Knight character figurine in a mystical forest. Stylized illustration of the Hollow Knight game character standing in a mystical forest with glowing pink horns and ambient lighting. Hollow Knight character standing heroically with a spear amidst a dark, mystical setting with floating ghostly figures and glowing candles. Illustration of the Knight from Hollow Knight video game standing heroically with sword on a mystical blue-toned background.

Hollow Knight Fun Facts

Hollow Knight features a hidden character named Mister Mushroom who can be found and interacted with across various locations, offering cryptic dialogue and eventually blasting off into space at the end of his quest line.
In Hollow Knight, upon defeating an enemy called the Mantis Lords and respecting their warrior code, the Mantis Tribe will honor the player by bowing instead of attacking, showcasing a unique interaction with enemy AI based on player actions.

Hollow Knight Polls

What is your favorite area in Hollow Knight?
City of Tears
Crystal Peak
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Which boss fight in Hollow Knight did you find most challenging?
The Radiance
Nightmare King Grimm
Pure Vessel
Absolute Radiance
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