Gengar Galaxy: Where Shadows Play and Fans Unite

Gengar, the mischievous and cunning Ghost/Poison type, lurks in the shadows, delighting in causing chills down your spine with its eerie and spooky pranks. Its sinister grin and intense purple color scheme make it a fan-favorite spookster in the Pokémon world.

Gengar Trivia

What type of Pokémon does Gengar evolve from? (Advanced)
#1: Haunter
#2: Gastly
#3: Charmeleon
#4: Pikachu
What type of Pokémon is Gengar classified as? (Medium)
#1: Fire
#2: Ghost
#3: Psychic
#4: Poison

Gengar Images

Artistic illustration of Gengar, a popular Pokémon, with a vibrant backdrop of neon green and black swirls. Artistic illustration of Gengar, a popular ghost-type Pokémon, with a mischievous grin. Dynamic illustration of Gengar, the Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon, with a fierce expression surrounded by a purple aura. Artistic illustration of Gengar, a popular Pokemon, with a menacing expression set against a green, dynamic background.

Gengar Fun Facts

Gengar is said to be the shadow of Clefable, suggesting they share a special connection in the Pokémon world.
Gengar's Japanese name, Gangar, is possibly a play on the word doppelgänger, a spirit double or evil twin, reflecting its ghostly nature and tendency to mimic the shadows of other creatures.

Gengar Polls

Which move is most effective for a Gengar in competitive play?
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Focus Blast
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Which Gengar variant do you find most interesting?
Mega Gengar
Galarian Gengar
Shiny Gengar
Gigantamax Gengar
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