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Pokemon: Captivating creatures with elemental powers, enchanting evolutions, and boundless battles. Team up, capture, and train these marvelous monsters to become a legendary Pokemon master! Unleash your imagination and embark on epic adventures in this iconic world of Nintendo magic.

Pokemon Trivia

What is the only Pokemon from Generation 1 that shares its English name with a real-world location? (Advanced)
#1: Paris
#2: Madrid
#3: Parisect
#4: Lapras
What is the only Pokémon that has the ability to learn all HM (Hidden Machine) moves in the game? (Advanced)
#1: Mew
#2: Pikachu
#3: Eevee
#4: Charizard

Pokemon Images

Colorful cartoon illustration of a cute, fire-type Pokémon standing on a reflective surface with a magical forest background. A vibrant illustration featuring the Pokémon Flareon in a picturesque Japanese landscape with a red temple, Mount Fuji, and cherry blossoms. Illustration of vibrant Pokemon, including Pikachu and Eevee evolutions, gathered with glowing effects against a dramatic backdrop. Colorful, animated creature inspired by Pokemon, standing in a picturesque forest glade.

Pokemon Fun Facts

Pikachu was not the original mascot for Pokémon. Clefairy was intended to be the official mascot but was replaced because Pikachu was more appealing to both boys and girls.
Pikachu, the mascot of Pokemon, was not originally intended to be the franchise's main character. It was Clefairy who was supposed to have this role, but it was changed last minute due to Pikachu's popularity.

Pokemon Polls

Which is your favorite type of Pokémon?
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Which is your favorite Pokémon generation?
Generation I (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal)
Generation III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
Generation IV (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)
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