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Pikachu, the electrifying yellow icon of Pokémon, is an adorable and mischievous electric rodent with rosy cheeks. Its powerful electrical attacks are fueled by its supercharged tail, making it both a lovable companion and a formidable opponent in battles. ⚡️🐭

Pikachu Trivia

What is Pikachu's Pokedex number in the original Pokemon series? (Advanced)
#1: 25
#2: 26
#3: 27
#4: 28
What move does Pikachu learn at level 42 in Pokémon Red and Blue? (Advanced)
#1: Thunder
#2: Electro Ball
#3: Double Team
#4: Play Nice

Pikachu Images

Cute Pikachu wearing a trainer hat in a stylized futuristic city setting. Illustration of Pikachu, the iconic yellow electric-type Pokémon, wearing a cap and surrounded by lightning bolts. 3D illustration of Pikachu, a yellow and cheerful electric-type Pokémon, in an enchanting forest setting with glowing lights. Illustration of Pikachu wearing a cap with Asian characters beside it.

Pikachu Fun Facts

Pikachu's design and characteristics are inspired by squirrels, not mice as often assumed.
Pikachu was not originally designed to be the mascot of Pokémon; it was Clefairy.

Pikachu Polls

Which feature do you love most about Pikachu?
Its cute appearance
Its electric powers
Its role in the Pokemon series
Its iconic "Pika Pika" sound
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Which Pikachu variant do you like the most?
Original Pikachu
Gigantamax Pikachu
Alolan Pikachu
Cosplay Pikachu
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