Jump Force

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Unite Your Fandom - Dive Into the Ultimate Jump Force Universe!

Jump Force is a powerhouse collision of Shonen Jump characters in an epic battle between heroes and villains to save the world from destruction. Choose your dream team and unleash their unique abilities in jaw-dropping brawls. Get ready to go beyond limit!

Jump Force Trivia

What was the original release date of Jump Force, the fighting game that features characters from various anime and manga series? (Hard)
#1: February 12, 2019
#2: February 15, 2019
#3: October 12, 2018
#4: December 20, 2018
Which of the following characters is NOT a playable character in Jump Force? (Easy)
#1: Goku
#2: Naruto
#3: Saitama
#4: Luffy
0/0 Correct

Jump Force Fun Facts

Jump Force includes Light Yagami and Ryuk from Death Note as story characters, but they are not playable due to Ryuk's Shinigami powers being deemed too strong for the game's balance.
Jump Force features a unique stage called New Zealand, which combines real-world locations with elements from Dragon Ball, including the iconic Capsule Corp spaceship crashed in the background.

Jump Force Polls

Which Jump Force character do you find most challenging to master?
Yugi Moto
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Which feature do you think Jump Force needs to improve the most?
Character balancing
Online matchmaking
Story mode depth
Loading times
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