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Goku, the matchless Saiyan warrior, transcends limits with his electrifying power, awe-inspiring transformations, and his unwavering determination to protect all universes. From his iconic battles to his insatiable appetite, Goku's spirit burns eternal, enlightening hearts with a blazing legacy.

Goku Trivia

What is the name of Goku's father in the Dragon Ball series? (Advanced)
#1: Bardock
#2: Raditz
#3: King Vegeta
#4: Frieza
Who was the first character to defeat Goku in a martial arts tournament? (Advanced)
#1: Master Roshi
#2: Yamcha
#3: Krillin
#4: Tien Shinhan

Goku Images

Dynamic illustration of Goku from Dragon Ball with an intense, fiery background, showcasing his powerful aura and determination. Illustration of Goku with Super Saiyan Blue hair in a dynamic pose from Dragon Ball series. Illustration of Goku with spiked hair and intense expression, wearing an orange and blue gi against a cloudy sky backdrop. Anime character Goku with spiky black hair and determined expression, wearing an orange martial arts gi, standing against a cosmic backdrop with a planet and stars.

Goku Fun Facts

Goku has only won one World Martial Arts Tournament, despite participating in several throughout the Dragon Ball series.
Goku has died twice throughout the entire Dragon Ball series, but having friends with access to Dragon Balls always returns him back to life.

Goku Polls

Who is your favorite opponent Goku has faced?
Majin Buu
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Who would win in a fight?
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