My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

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Deku and All Might jet to I-Island, an oasis of technology and Quirk research. Amidst a high-stakes heist, Deku and friends must outsmart villains, unveiling secrets that challenge Quirk dynamics and test their true heroic spirit. Can they save everyone in time?

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Trivia

What is the name of the island featured in "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes"? (Genius)
#1: Nabu Island
#2: I-Island
#3: Kamino Island
#4: Musutafu Island
Who is the primary villain in "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes"? (Advanced)
#1: Wolfram
#2: Nine
#3: Overhaul
#4: Stain
0/0 Correct

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Fun Facts

The director, Kenji Nagasaki, mentioned that the villain Wolfram's quirks were designed to be particularly challenging for All Might to handle, showcasing All Might's limits.
The U.S.J. incident referenced in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes ties directly into the anime series' continuity, enriching the story's timeline for dedicated fans.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Polls

Who is your favorite character from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
Izuku Midoriya
All Might
Melissa Shield
Katsuki Bakugo
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What was your favorite scene in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
Battle on the island
Deku and All Might team up
Infiltration mission
U.A. student interactions
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