Beyond Earth: Uniting Fans of the Alien Universe

Marines and Ripley take on deadly xenomorphs in a fast-paced sci-fi horror sequel that amps up the action and tension. Get ready for pulse-pounding thrills and iconic quotes.

Aliens Trivia

Which scientist proposed the "Rare Earth Hypothesis," suggesting that complex life forms like those on Earth are uncommon in the Universe? (Hard)
#1: Carl Sagan
#2: Stephen Hawking
#3: Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee
#4: Enrico Fermi
In the Drake Equation, which term estimates the average number of planets that could potentially support life per star that has planets? (Advanced)
#1: fp
#2: ne
#3: fl
#4: fi

Aliens Images

Adorable green alien character with big eyes and a leaf on its head against a yellow background. Cute cartoon alien sitting in a garden with a cozy scarf, surrounded by flowers and sparkles. Illustration of an extraterrestrial alien head with large eyes and brown skin.

Aliens Fun Facts

Aliens have not been officially discovered or identified by scientists, but in popular culture, they're often depicted with green skin, despite no evidence supporting this portrayal.
In the 1950s, UFO enthusiasts believed that aliens from Venus might speak a dialect of German because of claims made by contactee George Adamski.

Aliens Polls

Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life?
Yes, and they have visited Earth
Yes, but they have not visited Earth
No, there is no evidence
Unsure, need more information
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What do you believe is the primary motive of aliens visiting Earth?
Scientific research
Seeking resources
Establishing contact
Observing human behavior
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