The Matrix


Unlock the Matrix: Dive Deep into the Digital Descent

A computer hacker learns the truth about reality and joins a group of rebels fighting against intelligent machines that have enslaved humanity in a simulated reality. Mind-bending action and philosophical themes dominate this epic cyberpunk sci-fi film.

The Matrix Trivia

What is the name of the ship commanded by Morpheus in The Matrix? (Easy)
#1: Nebuchadnezzar
#2: Ark
#3: Atlantis
#4: Enterprise
In "The Matrix," which character betrays the protagonists to Agent Smith? (Genius)
#1: Cypher
#2: Trinity
#3: Tank
#4: Mouse

The Matrix Images

Stylish individual in sunglasses with a Matrix-inspired backdrop of green code and red lights. Two characters from The Matrix wearing sunglasses and leather coats.

The Matrix Fun Facts

Keanu Reeves performed 95% of his own stunts in the film The Matrix Reloaded.
Will Smith was originally offered the role of Neo in The Matrix but turned it down to star in Wild Wild West.

The Matrix Polls

Which character from The Matrix series is your favorite?
Agent Smith
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Which aspect of The Matrix universe fascinates you the most?
The concept of the simulated reality
The philosophical and existential questions
The groundbreaking visual effects
The characters and their development
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