Donkey Kong (Character)

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Unleash the Jungle Magic with Donkey Kong Adventures!

Swinging from his tropical jungle home, Donkey Kong is the carefree yet heroic ape who juggles banana hoarding with saving his friends. Whether he's barrel-blasting or taking down crocodile kings, his adventures are legendary in the gaming universe.

Donkey Kong (Character) Trivia

What year did the original Donkey Kong arcade game release? (Hard)
#1: 1979
#2: 1981
#3: 1983
#4: 1985
What is the name of Donkey Kong's sidekick in many games? (Easy)
#1: Diddy Kong
#2: Luigi
#3: Tails
#4: Bowser
0/0 Correct

Donkey Kong (Character) Images

Illustration of Donkey Kong in a confident pose with crossed arms, wearing his signature red tie and golden wristbands. Dynamic artwork of Donkey Kong ready for action in a lush jungle setting, showcasing his strength and playful attitude.

Donkey Kong (Character) Fun Facts

Donkey Kong was originally intended to be Popeye.
Donkey Kong was Nintendo's first big arcade success in 1981.

Donkey Kong (Character) Polls

Who's your favorite character in the Donkey Kong series?
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
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Which Donkey Kong game is your favorite?
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong 64
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Donkey Kong Country Returns
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